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Just add fuel with Cannon Motability

Below are the current 2018 price list for our most popular models on the scheme.

i10 ModelsAdvance Payment
1.0 66 S 5dNIL
1.0 66 SE 5dNIL
1.0 66 Premium 5dNIL
1.2 87 SE5dNIL
1.2 87 SE 5d ATNIL
1.2 87 Premium 5dNIL
1.2 87 Premium 5d ATNIL
SE 1.2 87 Premium 5dNIL
SE 1.2 87 Premium 5d ATNIL
i20Advance Payment
1.0T-GDI100 SE 5dNIL
1.0T-GDI100 SE 5d ATNIL
1.0T-GDI100 Prem Nav 5d£299
1.0T-GDI100 Prem Nav 5d AT£399
1.0T-GDI120 Prem SE Nav 5d£599
1.2 75 S ISG 5DNIL
1.2 84 SE ISG 5dNIL
1.2 84 Prem Nav ISG 5d£249
Tucson ModelsAdvance Payment
1.6 GDI (132ps) S ConnectNIL
1.6 GDI 132 SE Nav 5d£299
1.6 CRDI (115ps) S Connect£1,299
1.6 CRDI (115ps) SE Nav£1,399
1.6 T-GDI (177ps) SE Nav£999
1.6 T-GDI (177ps) SE Nav AT£1,299
1.6 CRDI (115ps) Premium£2,699
1.6 GDI (132ps) Premium£1,299
1.6 T-GDI (177ps) Premium AT£1,999
1.6 T-GDI (177ps) Premium£1,599
1.6 T-GDI (177ps) Premium SE£1,999
1.6 T-GDI (177ps) Premium SE AT£2,249
Ioniq ModelsAdvance Payment
1.6 GDI Hybrid SE 5d ATNIL
1.6 GDI Hybrid Premium 5d AT£199
1.6 GDI Hybrid Premium SE 5d AT£999
Kona ModelsAdvance Payment
1.0 T-GDI 120ps S SUV 5DR£199
1.0T-GDI 120 SE SUV 5DR£299
1.0 T-GDI 120 Premium SUV 5DR£699
ix20 ModelsAdvance Payment
SE 1.6 5dr Auto£599
SE Nav 1.6 5d AT£999
Premium Nav 1.6 5dr AT£1,249
i800 ModelsAdvance Payment
SE 2.5 CRDI 136 Style MPV 8st 5d£699
SE Nav 2.5 CRDI 136 Style 5d£899
SE 2.5 CRDI 170 Style MPV 5d AT£1,699
SE Nav 2.5 CRDI 170 Style 5d AT£1,899

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